Hackneyed reveal Carnival Cadavre artwork

Hackneyed have revealed the following statement about their upcoming Lifeforce Records debut!

“It’s hard to believe.
After two years in-between rehearsal room, shows, being on tour and pre-production we finally managed to get our third album ready to launch. It’s named “Carnival Cadavre” and will be tested in human experiment at the Summer Breeze Festival in Dinkelsbühl on August 19th 2011 for the first time. Once again we produced our album with Corni Bartels at the Weltraum Studios and Björn Goosses (Killustrations) again purified our disc with a stunning artwork.
We added another fine portion of groove and brutality for you and showed once again what Hackneyed is made of. With our new label Lifeforce Records we found the matching partner and we’re really looking forward to our future cooperation. We’re curious where our journey with the “Carnival Cadavre” will lead us within the next weeks and months. And perhaps soon it’s also close to you they say: The Circus’ Back in town!!!”

“Carnival Cadavre” is set to be released on August 22nd in Europe (August 19th in Germany) and on August 30th in North America.

“Ladies and Gentleman, we proudly present the cover of our new album “Carnival Cadavre”. As with our last album we’ve drawn on the proven work of Björn Goosses from Killustrations. And we weren’t disappointed!!!
An artwork “having hand and foot (German saying for “holding water”)” in the true sense of the word!!! The truth behind the “Carnival Cadavre” is only revealed after a second glance at the bright fairground and circus atmosphere with Ferris wheel and circus tents. And neither on the cover nor in the songs a lack of blood, guts or Hackneyed’s very own black humor can be observed.”

But see for yourself:
Hackneyed Carnival Cadavre Artwork


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