Haunted Shores/Cyclamen Split EP Review

American metalcore band Haunted Shores return to your ears this year after re-forming with an almost brand new line-up from their previous two EP’s. This time there doing a split EP with London based tech-metal outfit Cyclamen and if you have any appreciation of musicianship at all, this EP is for you.

Haunted Shores don’t necessarily bring anything new to the progressive metalcore sound, but they do have an interesting take on it, with Chris Barretto being recruited as the new vocalist bringing an almost Lamb of God-esque scream to the band. This is heard nowhere better on the opening scream of ‘When In Oslo’ which also features a fantastic melodic guitar solo that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Final Fantasy game. Their other track on the EP ‘Sentient Glow’features a little more straightforward riffs and clean vocals than the last, but the song still reeks of technical prowess and I can’t wait for more from this band.

Cyclamen can best be described as SikTh meets Envy. But saying they sound anything like either of those bands would be a lie at the same time. They are one of the most original bands I have heard in a long time, promising to be like nothing you have heard before. A title few bands can claim to have. The band manage at points to be beautifully melodic and still heavy, such as on the climax of their song ‘Let Go’. If you are a guitarist its hard to listen to Cyclamen and not be blown away at the sheer raw talent and potential this band have, as well as their passion for fantastic songwriting.

If your a fan of progressive and technical metal, or just looking for something a little different from your run-of-the-mill metal bands, don’t give this split EP between Haunted Shores and Cyclamen a miss. [8]


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