Heidenfest UK Show Announced with Finntroll, Turisas, Alestorm, Arkona, Trollfest and more

Attention to all heathen warriors! A new horde of warlike and spiritual pagans are rising to pass Northern history, pre-Christian mysticism and epochal heroism in autumn 2011. United under the auspicious banner Heidenfest, martial bandsmen fasten their longships and set sail for the UK from the highest North. On board there’s a gigantic line-up of the finest pagan and folk metallers:

Finntroll http://www.heidenfest.eu/bands/finntroll.html
Turisas http://www.heidenfest.eu/bands/turisas.html
Alestorm http://www.heidenfest.eu/bands/alestorm.html
Arkona http://www.heidenfest.eu/bands/arkona.html
Trollfest http://www.heidenfest.eu/bands/trollfest.html
Skálmöld http://www.heidenfest.eu/bands/skalmold.html

Get ready for a new, epic battle and prepare for long nights of partying and drinking, because when this guild attacks, nothing remains as before. Horns up and raise the swords, when the art of pagan music appears in a glorious light!

Heidenfest 2011


11.10.2011 UK – London, HMV Forum
Info, Tickets, Fan-Packs & more at www.heidenfest.eu


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