Hellish Outcast sign to Transcend Music, new album to be released this year

Norwegian death/thrash ensemble Hellish Outcast are pleased to announce that they have signed to UK label Transcend Music.

“I must say it’s an honour to finally be able to spread our wings with this beast!” says Mads Lilletvedt of the signing. As a result, their new album Your God Will Bleed will be released later this year.

Your God Will Bleed is the next instalment from Bergen’s own; looming menacingly ahead, the sheer brutality, aggression and expansive approach to music displayed by the band on this release is perhaps only matched by a handful of fellow countrymen such as Blood Red Throne and Grimfist.

“Musically, we’ve stayed true to our nature for ten years – always trying to push the limits of what is healthy aggression. To combine pure Norwegian brutality with the fine British steel of Transcend Music is a venture we’ve been looking forward to!” Mads continues.

Transcend Music head honcho Rob Ferguson said: “it’s great to welcome Hellish Outcast to our roster and they represent our most brutal signing to date adding significant strength and depth to the label as we continue to grow. Can’t wait to see them lay waste to Bloodstock following which we will light the pyre under this explosive release!”

Said release, Your God Will Bleed, follows in the lyrical footsteps of their debut EP ‘Raping – Killing – Murder’ which launched an attack on modern warfare, politics and religious martyrdom. However, this time round, the aggression – the passion and frustration – will take you right to the edge, and right when it reaches the point of cataclysm, that is what Hellish Outcast have captured. Your God Will Bleed will take you on an exploration of the world as it is today. The sight is not pretty. In fact, it’s disgusting. But the sound is breathtaking.

Hellish Outcast was first introduced as one of the underground’s unsigned rising stars, via the Terrorizer Fear Candy CD March ’09 but this year, Hellish Outcast kick off a new phase, ten times stronger and with an album that will rip your face clean off with its sheer aggression and unique sound.

And they’ve already attracted media attention and secured themselves a slot performing at this year’s Blooodstock Festival, right here in the UK: “It’s an honour to bring this monster of a band to Bloodstock, and I know its gonna be a killer crowd as always in the UK. Hellish Outcast will for sure show a new and fresh side of the Norwegian music scene!

“…Your ears will bleed” promises vocalist and frontman Thebon.

Thebon – vocals (Keep of Kalessin)
Alkolust – drums (BYFROST)
Max Morbid – bass (BREED)
Martin Legreid – guitars (66 Crusher).

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