Hung release Sediment Of War lyric video

Hung have released a lyric video for their new song ‘Sediment Of War’ which appears on their upcoming self-titled debut. The album will be released on the 8th May via The End Records and Chris Adler from Lamb of God’s label ReThink Records.

Bassist/co-founding member Sam Roon spoke to Metal Insider about the song:

“‘Sediment of War’ was inspired by a short story entitled, ‘A Madman’s Diary’ by Chinese writer Lu Xun. While not the main storyline in Xun’s work, the thing that inspired the song lyrically are references to cannibalism that actually took place during the wartime famine in the early 1900?s in China. The song goes on to take a much broader look at the scars left behind by war.

I put the ‘Sediment of War’ lyric video together using exclusively YouTube footage… I wanted the strong words to be backed by equally powerful visuals. There’s a part in the middle of the video where I took only about 20 seconds from a 25 minute long clip that US soldiers had retrieved after killing insurgents who tried to attack them at an outpost.

In the footage, you see the last moments of a man’s life through the camera he is holding. Ultimately he is shot, falls down and he drops the camera which then looks out over the desert sky as he curls up into fetal position, which you can tell when his legs come into frame. It’s a very real moment that starts a climactic end to the song with powerful images that won’t be easy for many to watch. These images are ‘sediment of war,’ and I hope all who watch are moved as equally as I while making it.”


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