I Have Discovered – Rival Sons. You Should Too!!

Rival Sons
Rock / Blues / Psychedelia
California, USA

This Californian Classic Rock N’ Roll four-piece hooked me in with their infectious songwriting, the kind of Blues based Rock I could listen to all day long.  Do check out my personal favourite – Memphis Sun, magnificent!

You can listen to their debut album Before the Fire on Myspace.

The Band: Jay Buchanan, Vocals – Scott Holiday, Guitars – Robin Everhart, Bass & Miley, Drums.

Hot Picks on Myspace: Memphis Sun, On My Way & Angel




Rival Sons on Myspace, Twitter & Homepage.


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One Response to “I Have Discovered – Rival Sons. You Should Too!!”

  1. The Rival Sons are keeping the soul of rock music alive today. This is the blues bases rock music we all love from the 60’s and 70’s. Listen to the hard rocking “Tell me Something” that kicks off the album and you be a new fan of this band. Give them a listen and if you have the chance, catch em live. They put on an energetic live performance.