Ikillya’s Jason Lekberg to promote anti bullying campaign

Jason Lekberg, frontman for New York City’s prominent unsigned metal band Ikillya has come together with UnitingThruMusic.com to help promote an Anti-Bullying campaign called Musicians Opposed to Bullying. In the powerful PSA, Lekberg explains what led to his wanting take a gun to his school, his feelings towards the people in his hometown, Howard Stern’s reaction to when he called into his live show, and most importantly the realizations that helped him to make the right choices and move on with his life.

“This is a very personal and important topic to me.” explains Lekberg. He continues, “Growing up I dealt with a considerable amount of anger brought on by bullying. I am really excited to have the opportunity to convey hope to other people who may currently be experiencing similar situations.”

In the PSA, Lekberg draws upon a lot of his experiences as a youth growing up in Whiteland Indiana and the challenges he faced from his peers and the community. Lekberg expands the conversation and offers hope to those who are victims of bullying by promoting self-worth as well as what the future may hold. Lekberg explains, “I know how alienating it can be, it has shaped a lot of my lyrics, my experiences and my attitude on the world and rock and roll…[bullies] cannot define you, they do not have that power.”

A British study found that at least half of suicides amongst adolescents are a direct result of bullying; furthermore, adolescents who are bullied are almost 10 times as likely to commit suicide as a peer who has never been bullied.

To check out the powerful PSA you can head over to Uniting Thru Music’s website by utilizing this link http://unitingthrumusic.com/tag/ikillya/.


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