Immolation Unholy Cult vinyl picture disc

For the first time ever, “Unholy Cult” is be available on picture disc vinyl this 17th July !  The double-sided  picture disc features the classic tracklisting and is a worldwide  release limited to 500 pieces only with an exclusive cover art!

“Unholy Cult” is truly a masterpiece. Once again Immolation has reinvented itself to create a darker, heavier and even more menacing atmosphere, with intensity and feeling like no other! From militant and twisted rhythmic marches, to all out monstrous assaults, this album will sink into your very foundation! The emotion and passion are strong in the lyrics and the vocal delivery, as they thunder massively through the heavens! The dueling guitars create pure misery like haunting winds through endless caverns, churning in and out of themselves, only to intensify, cutting at every edge of your soul, then heavier crushing down like a gigantic hammer! The lead work is a horrific melody. From soothing you into paranoia, to attacking you like lighting! And the drums are pure controlled chaos, with the energy of an atomic bomb, the precision of a marksman, and the human touch that holds it all together. Immolation manages to create an unforgettable journey of dark orchestration as only they can.

“Unholy Cult” is like no album you have heard before. It will take you far and beyond what you can imagine in this music, reaching a new level in Death/Black metal. Once again Immolation have set the standard, constantly progressing their unique style and toppling all boundaries in the process.“

Immolation Vinyl Picture 1

Immolation Vinyl Picture 2

Immolation Vinyl Picture 3


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