In-Studio Status Report By The Suede Brothers

We here at EspyRock caught up with Dylan Walsh, Lead guitarist & vocalist of The Suede Brothers, in the midst of their recording frenzy.

They have both a Live album & a new studio album in the works, which will follow their excellent “Ill New You” released last year.

We asked nicely for a status report of the proceedings thus far and as the nice guy Dylan is; He delivered:

Dylan Walsh – “We’ve finished all the guitar, bass and drum tracks for 13 new songs. I’m going in the coming weekend to start the vocals. Soon after that, we’ll start the mixing. We’re all agreeing that this feels and sounds like our best effort yet, knock on wood.

We started coming up with these songs last fall, kind of in response to how we felt after “Ill New You”. We weren’t, and aren’t completely, happy with that album, and we had a fire in us to get going on more material. Not that we felt obligated, just that the songs came pretty easy.

We finished the last songs a couple weeks ago, and we’ve been playing them all out at shows pretty consistently. Needless to say, we’re really excited for this, but the works not over yet. We’re going to make sure we’re absolutely proud of this one.”

I for one are eagerly awaiting this album and can’t wait to check it out when it’s done.

Upcoming shows:

06 feb 2010 20:00 92.3FM’s Haiti Relief Benefit Show @ Saddle Ridge – Cleveland, Ohio
12 feb 2010 21:00 123 Pleasant St w/ Treasure Cat – Morgantown, West Virginia
11 mar 2010 22:00 Annabells w/ Township – Akron, Ohio
17 apr 2010 21:00 The Summit w/ Radio Moscow – Columbus, Ohio

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