Ireland’s Darkest Era Sign to Metal Blade Records

Celtic metal act Darkest Era have signed with Metal Nlade records with thanks to Primordial lead singer, Alan Averill ‘Nemtheanga’ who now works in the Metal Blade Records A&R department. Future releases will now be¬†available throughout Europe and the United States. ¬†Darkest Era is expected to release a full length within the next year. Alan Averill ‘Nemtheanga’ had this to say about the band.

A heady and vibrant mix of sweeping Irish melancholy imbued with Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Omen and Slough Feg. Earth pagan power? Sound about right?

To be signed to Metal Blade is a big deal for any band and guitarist to Darkest Era made the following statement:

This is a big step for us and gives us a great opportunity to get our music out to a lot more people. We’ve got a new album written that we are really excited about and can’t wait to get it recorded. Metal Blade has put out some of our favorite records over the years and we’re looking forward to working with them as we embark on this journey of conquest!”


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