Joan Red to take break as they seek new guitarists

Joan Red have announced that they will take a break as they seek to replace both guitarists leaving only Anthony Basurto (vocals), Brandon Vatter (bass) and Rick Anderson (drums) remaining in the band. The bands official announcement can be read below:

Hey Hey! things are changing here in Joan Red! BUT DONT WORRY! Everything is ok. We will be taking the rest of the year off to solidify the band as a whole. We will still be releasing our videos with the members who worked hard and deserve to be showcased, however, we will be replacing both of our guitar players. We will not be releasing details, just know that this business is ruthless, unforgiving and things are constantly changing.

In the next few months we will be SEARCHING FOR THE PERFECT DUO of GUITAR PLAYERS. As well as recording brand new music and releasing an EP! We will also be searching for the right management team to put us in the places we should be!

this is not the demise of Joan Red by any means.. Simply a rebirth. So stay tuned and help us Spread the RED! Because the new stuff we have in store is going to BLOW YOU ALL AWAY!

We would like to thank Mike & Brett for their time, commitment & sacrifices and would like to wish them luck in their future endeavors.

With all that being said, GUITAR PLAYERS.. We are going to be doing a search for the next killer duo for JR! Think you fit the part? let us know!

We love you all and will continue to bring you all our best in the coming months ahead! We all are excited and you should be too!

much love,


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