Joe Perry can’t replace Steven Tyler

The rumours have been circulating the internet that Joe Perry has recently asked Paul Rodgers, Chris Cornell and Billy Idol to take over as the frontman to Aerosmith.

Classic Rock has been diving into the world of Joe Perry and Aerosmith in order to uncover some of the details behind the story of the desperate hunt for a new singer.

The story Billy Idol has been stated that as Joe Perry has been looking for a new singer, he invited one of his high profile names, Billy Idol, to his show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Idol though, at the time was recovering from a cold and failed to respond to the invitation to attend the gig and talk about the position.

This would then believe us to think that the position is still open for Billy if he wished to join though can you image Billy Idol fronting Aerosmith? Horror show written all over it.

Joe then decided to move onto Paul Roder’s who found fame with Free, Bad Company and recently with Queen as Queen + Paul Rodgers.
Classic Rock editor Scott Rowley was approached by Joe and he asked if he could introduce him to Rodgers to discuss the possibility of joining the band. Rowley did so and they had a conversation with Rodgers wife present.
At the time Jerry Ewing of Classic Rock overhead Perry make an approach about the position, stating “how Rodgers was his second-favourite vocalist of all time”. After discussing the Joe Perry Project and the Bad Company tour, Perry made mention as to the problems within the Aerosmith camp and how it would be great if Rodgers came in and try out. Ewing states that Rodgers neither rejected or accepted, simply stated he was flattered and as we all do, try to move on to something new.

Chris Cornell’s story can be summed up quickly with the following quote from Classic Rock, “Fuck off, can you imagine how ridiculous that would be?!” Stating his commitment to the Soundgarden reunion and also believing it was all a joke, Chris Cornell has turned down the opportunity to lead Aerosmith on stage.

Another name that has been thrown around is Lenny Kravitz but again, the rumours state he is not interested in the role.

Though all of Joe Perry’s attempts to replace Tyler ending at a brick wall, he may have to stop all together with legal threats from Tyler and his attorney Skip Miller.

Miller has wrote to the bands manager to stop all activities regarding a new front man and has also called for a meeting on February 9th CBC are reporting, were the band will sit down and discuss their future and it could give us the response we have been waiting for.


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