Joe Perry nudges Steven Tyler into crowd

You all know what happened last time Steven Tyler fell off stage and even to this very day, the storm over what happened is still over the bands head but now it would seem that Perry may be looking to finish him off.

It has just been over a year since Steven Tyler fell off stage in South Dakota, injuring himself and causing the band to cancel all of their tour dates before the rift between himself and Joe Perry started which led to Perry seeking a full time replacement vocalist.

The Toronto Sun is reporting that last night, early into the bands performance in Toronto, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler were both performing on the catwalk together to different sides of the crowd. Perry moved backwards and nudged Steven Tyler off the stage and into the crowd but this time landing feet first.

When Tyler got back on stage with help from Joe Perry, Tyler stated to him “It ain’t gonna happen again baby” before going on to say “you will pay for that my brother”.

The Toronto Sun also mentions that Steven Tyler got somewhat even by changing the lyrics to ‘Livin’ On The Edge’ to: “We’re seeing things in a different way/And Joe knows it ain’t his.”

Round whatever the hell the number is…ding ding


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