Jordan Buckley updates on Every Time I Die DVD

Jordan Buckley has posted an update to his website which he uses to update fans on some information for the upcoming DVD release ‘Shit Happens…The Series’. Read his post below.

Every Wednesday for the past 12 Wednesdays ETID has been breaking your hearts by giving you only 4 or 5 minutes episode that we like to call Shit Happens…The Series. We read your tweets and your comments and the complaints were all the same, “this is too good, I need more!”. Well one of the first things I learned when I started selling drugs at age 12 was that if you give out a little bit for free, you get ‘em hooked! So at this point, you can consider yourself addicted and should expect withdrawals shortly. Your remedy, however, arrives on October 26th. Shit Happens… The Series.. The Dvd contains those 12 episodes you saw, but in their full TEN minute versions, before being cut down for the internet. On top of that extra hour of episode footage, you get ANOTHER hour of bonus material that didn’t get included in the episodes, AND an incredible 30 minute reel of footage shot by sound wizard Zack, when Doug was too old and bald to be out on tour with us. Oh, did I mention that it ALSO comes with a free NEW JUNK AESTHETIC cd too??? I didn’t? Well it does. All for like 12 bucks. Already have a New Junk Aesthetic cd? Well my gut says that you’re a liar. You probably stuck your dirty little ipod into your pirate friend’s filthy computer, clicked on our 13 amazing songs, then dragged them over and plunked them down in your library right between “Elton John” and “Exodus”. But if you did get your own copy, then sorry, you’re just going to have to have another one. So pre-order now right here! Because I dare you to find a copy of the original Shit Happens in a store. Exactly.


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