Justin Bieber Sues Bieler Bros. Records

The following is from Bieler Bros. Records’ website:

Attorney’s for Justin Bieber have filed a law suit in New York City against Florida based record label Bieler Bros. Records for trademark infringement. The filing claims that Mr. Bieber’s fans are being misled by the similarity of the spelling of their respective names, and are claiming undisclosed damages as well as the immediate changing of the label’s name.

When asked to comment the Bielers said, “It is a sad day around our offices, but we may be forced to go back to our actual family name ‘Jonas’ and just have to hope it will not create further confusion.”

Bieler Bros. Records is an independent record label formed in 2002. Justin Bieber was born in 1994.

Current artists on the label are:

A Silent Film
Another Black Day
City Of God
Dirty Wormz
In Whispers
Wide Eye Panic
Will Haven

Past artists include: Burn Season, Egypt Central, Nonpoint, and Smile Empty Soul

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One Response to “Justin Bieber Sues Bieler Bros. Records”

  1. Frivolous law suit. I think the lawyers are secretly mad because their client sucks and need to make an example out of someone.