Keep of Kalessin unhappy with Sepultura and in general the tour

Keep of Kalessin’s Arnt “Obsidian C.” Grønbech is not having the best of time on the bands current tour supporting Sepultura and it would appear things are not getting any better for them.

On his official blog – – Arnt has been detailing the tour in depth from being told the band was performing in one city and driving 14 hours to no show to then having the stage crew mess up their equipment, it has not been possible for the band to make a true mark on the tour.

Recent posts though related directly to Sepultura who are making it hard on the support bands:

Yesterday we played in Rochester, NY and man, the bullshit just continues on this tour.

All supportbands only got 5 channels alltogether, which means that all we could get sound on in the PA-system was drums and 1 vocal. This is totally bullshit from Sepultura because when you’re on a package tour like this and playing such small clubs where some nights it’s only 150-200 people you should share the mixing console with the other bands so they are able to do a proper show!
We had to play our show with guitars and bass only on stage and we didn’t have backing vocals. Because of this all bands had to crank the amplifiers on stage so loud that when Belphegor got on stage, they only managed to play half a song before the amplifier overheated from being cranked so hard all night. The audience wasn’t happy about it.
The supportbands and their crew is really starting to get tired of being treated like shit from the headliner!!
Also, while they get 3-4 meals every day we get nothing. Today we didn’t even get water!!

Tonight is Belphegor’s last night and we’ll continue for a week more with Sepultura, Hate and Neuraxis. Peabody’s is normally a good club to play though so I think the show will be good tonight even though it’s a Sunday.

Their performance in Louisville didn’t go down any better either:

Just arrived in Louisville. Last time we were here we weren’t allowed to play because we were from Scandinavia. :/
Let’s hope things are better today. ;)

Hours later:

What can I say? We arrived in Louisville today and everything seemed fine. We put our equipment up early and had loads of time before doors to connect everything.
The show tomorrow has been cancelled so we used the opportunity to get a hotel room so me and Vyl drove to a Super 8 close by and checked in to the room. I got an hour of sleep before we had to head back to the venue for our show.

Earlier during the day I had explained our entire setup (which is VERY easy) to the local crew, however they were even more retarded than the others on this tour. I seriously didn’t think that was possible by now!!
The local crew used 17 minutes overtime for the changeover!! That means they used 15 minutes of our changeover and 17 minutes into our set-time! A total of 32 minutes to connect a few cables! They got stressed out because they did some mistakes in the beginning and then they had to re-patch everything and they started moving the monitor desk and re-patching everything there as well.

They had the microphone connected to the bassline, the keyboard tracks connected to guitars and many other things that were wrong!
When they finally managed to get things up and running we ofcourse started our set immediately.
Problem was that I was shocked of how bad it sounded on stage. In fact it was so bad that it was impossible to play! This is the fist time we had this kind of problem because normally Keep Of Kalessin can play under any circumstance. But while we were playing the crew actually kept on re-patching stuff and turning knobs they didn’t know what was for. This means that all instruments on stage kept going in and out and it was total fucking chaos!!
After we played half of the Kolossus track which we open with I just decided that because they used all our time on connecting these cables correctly and the fact that it was impossible for us to play, I cancelled the rest of the show.

I told the audience that we were sorry, but it was impossible for us to work under those conditions. Our fans ofcourse understand that this is not our fault, but we heard comments about us being “rockstars” and high headed because we cancelled this show. I just have to say that they couldn’t be more wrong because we have been working under conditions where most bands cancel shows for the past 5 years now, but at some point we just have to say enough is enough and don’t be fucked over so much.
Because in the end it would have been a shitty show and our fans would be dissapointed and especially those who are there to check us out would have made up their mind about the band out from a shitty show because of someone else’s fault. One of the security guys told Vyl to “get your ass home, cut your fucking hair and get a job”. Now, that shows the proffessionalism at the venue, if you ask me! Fucking redneck retard!
And besides, if we took the time to fix the trouble we would still be out of time and then we would make trouble for the bands after us! We decided to end our show so Sepultura and Hate could get more time and fix this shit for their shows.

We’re sorry about cancelling ofcourse, but seriously this time the local retards just fucked us, and you, the fans, over too much.


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