Kids cover Pantera

Students from the ages of 12 to 16 who attend the Aaron O’Keefe music school have revealed footage of their cover of Pantera’s hit Cowboys From Hell.

The song was recorded on February 20th Feb 20th 2010 at the Saint Claire Recording Company in Lexington, Kentucky were the students did 10 takes in 1 hour in order to create multiple camera angles to record the video.

What we changedR30;
Dimebag Darrell’s solo in Cowboys from Hell is incredible; however, Joe Hubbell has already played several Pantera solos note for note and needed to move in a different direction. So he used some of Dimebag Darrell’s solo and added some of his own ideas.

We also left out the music from 3:16 until the end of Cowboys from Hell and then created a free time ending section. The arrangement was shortened and simplified to make it easier for the students to memorize (since they rarely get to practice as a band) and to save time in the studio.


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