Kill The Alarm needs you

Kill The Alarm, led by singer/songwriter Garen Gueyikian is looking for support from fans of Kill The Alarm and fans in general who wish to support a new music project.

Having only released one album, Fire Away, in 2007, another album or an EP has been well overdue and with the reception they have received, fans have been waiting for more.

Creating an album is of course it is not easy to do so when you do not have the money and it possibly means the end of everything.

Today, and for the next 31 days, Kill The Alarm needs to raise $10,000, having already raised $5,966 as I type this.

With your contribution, minimum $1, you will be in line to receive some special prizes which are listed in full below (taken from Kickstarter):

Pledge $5 or more

Digital download of the EP + exclusive updates about the recording via

Pledge $10 or more

Digital download of the EP + exclusive updates + downloads of any and every cool thing I come up with throughout the record making process. (demos, covers, musical experiments, ???)

Pledge $30 or more

Digital download of the EP + exclusive updates, free music downloads + Signed CD copy

Pledge $50 or more

All of the above + Your Name will appear in the liner notes of the booklet. In the Thank You section. It’s super cool trust me.

Pledge $75 or more

All of the above + a special Limited Edition KTA T-shirt. (Yes… you even get to pick the size)

Pledge $100 or more

Get your signed CD, your KTA T-shirt and bring them with you to NYC. You’ll get a pair of VIP tickets to the NYC CD Release Party. Yes…. you will most likely get one of those cool stinking badges.

Pledge $500 or more

All of the above + I will record my version of any song you choose. Whatever song you want to throw at me…. I promise to give you my best attempt at covering it. It will either be recorded in my apartment or on my live Flip video camera. One way or another, you will have me singing whatever you want. (And you know me… I never sing it like the original. I’m ready for it. Bring it on!)

Pledge $1,000 or more

All of the above + I’ll come to your place and play an acoustic living room show for you and your friends. Ya… just save me some space on the end of the couch, yo ; ) (anywhere in the US)

Pledge $3,000 or more

Get a full band house concert. You make the set list. It is the best recipe for a killer house party. Plan it well, and you’ll be the coolest kid on the block. May want to pass out name tags… we have been known to melt faces. (anywhere in the US)

Pledge $5,000 or more

What can I say??? You will get Executive Producer credit on the record. You will be invited to the studio. You will perform something on this record. (Anything from hand claps, whistling, kazoo and guitar solos goes). I’ll find a place for you and you’ll be listed in the liner notes as additional musician.

For further information, video from Garen talking about the project head to –

You can hear the album streaming on Facebook (music player, left hand side down the page). I recommend this album as a must own album!
You can download a free copy of Sit Up by simply signing up to the mailing list –


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