Killswitch Engage premiere their new claymation video for Save Me

The claymation video for Killswitch Engage’s latest song, ‘Save Me’, off their self-titled album finds the band in an alien encounter! Directed by Jim Starace, the video for “Save Me” is guitarist Adam D.’s “favorite video shoot EVER!” The guitarist tells, “It took like 1/2 an hour, and we were turned into clay. And who doesn’t like claymation and space aliens? They didn’t like my suggestion of turning me into a blood-thirsty pterodactyl with laser eyes at the end of the vid, but it’s cool. Thanks to all who worked wicked hard on this video…it looks sweet.” Drummer Justin Foley explains, “If you are going to follow in anybody’s footsteps, it may as well be Green Jello, right? With the “Save Me” video, we have finally achieved a band goal that we’ve been striving for a long, long time; shooting a video that we do not appear in. We also get to go into outer space.”


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