Lamb Of God have more material than they could ever use

Chris Alder of Lamb Of God recently spent time with Ultimate Guitar for a lengthy interview in which he talks about the bands next album. You can read the interview here and the snippet below:

By the time you arrive at the recording of New American Gospel, have you been able to put all these different influences together to create your own style? Did you feel comfortable with who you were as a drummer when Lamb of God began that first record?
No, and that’s a very interesting question. Up until right now and this record I’m doing right now and we’re writing five and six days a week, I really never felt comfortable in my skin as a drummer. I think this recent clinic tour I did certainly helped me gain that confidence. I’m not in any way try to say I’m better than anybody else but maybe finally for the first time I’m comfortable with what I do and who I am as a drummer. So certainly at the time, no; I was in every possible way overcompensating and looking for some sort of validation through everyone else’s opinion. Thereby overplaying everything and hoping the people would point out the fact that I was a stellar drummer. Through other people I was somehow trying to vindicate myself by overplaying every tune. No, I was definitely not comfortable.

While you’ve brought up the new album, can you talk about it at all?
We’re doin’ pretty well; we’ve got 24 ideas and we’re up to about 10 of them in line of just kind of working through [them]. We’ve got plenty of time to work it out this year but we’re really just getting started. But we have more material than we could ever use so we’re pretty happy.


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