Lamb Of God release Desolation music video and As The Palaces Burn trailer

Lamb Of God have released the first trailer for their documentary, ‘As The Palaces Burn.’ The documentary was directed and produced by award winning documentary filmmaker Don Argott and 9.14 Pictures (Last Days Here, Art of the Steal, Rock School). ‘As The Palaces Burn’ examines the impact that music and particularly heavy metal music has made on people around the globe as they live in a 21st century world full of economic uncertainty, political unrest, social injustice, and under a constant fear of war and violence. Filming has taken place to date in Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, India, and Israel. Filming in the United States will take place over the summer months.

The trailer, shot at shows in South American and Mexico, also acts as the official music video for ‘Desolation,’ the second single to be released from their latest album ‘Resoultion.’


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