Lemmy found sleeping in Glasgow doorway

It is being reported by Digital Spy that Lemmy was found sleeping in a doorway yesterday morning after performing in Glasgow.

Now for anyone who knows Glasgow, you will understand it is not uncommon to find someone rolled up in a corner sleeping off a heavy night drinking in Glasgow, but when you are one of the biggest metal icons in history, you start to question why and what could of happened to drive him to it.

The story from Digital Spy reads:

The singer was allegedly spotted by a passer-by who was going to work in the Clydeside area of the city.

“I came to work and there was a gentleman by my basic entry door to work. I said to him, ‘You’re cold and wet, would you like a cup of coffee?'” listener Tommy told Rock Radio.

“I brought him down a cup of coffee. He said, ‘Thank you very much’, and introduced himself as Lemmy.

“He drank his coffee and we had a little bit of conversation about this, that and the next thing and gave me a pack of cigars.”

He added: “I would imagine he was just sheltering from the rain. I think there was something going on at the hotel that he didn’t want to get involved in.”

Tommy went on to describe Lemmy as a “really nice guy” and revealed that he helped out one of the delivery men at the workplace.

All we can hope for is that in any upcoming interviews, the question is asked as if I knew Lemmy was a 30 minute train journey away, be sure I would of been heading in to ask a question or two myself.


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