Machinae Supremacy confirm UK-only compilation album

Machinae Supremacy, the five-piece from Lulea in Sweden whose particular take on metal also reflects the influence of video games on contemporary culture, will release a career-spannin’ collection of their material on March 28th 2011 via Spinefarm Records UK.

Titled ‘The Beat Of Our Decay’ and put together by the band themselves, this 16-song compilation features tracks from the last three studio albums – ‘Redeemer’ (2006), ‘Overworld’ (2008) & ‘A View From The End Of The World’ (2010), all available on the Spinefarm label in their own right.

In addition, ‘The Beat…’ includes a previously unreleased cover of ‘Paparazzi’ by Lady Gaga,
plus a song recorded for the ‘Redeemer’ album (‘Fury’) that was eventually offered as a free download to fans via the official site.

The full track-listing is as follows:-
1) Through The Looking Glass
2) Rogue World Asylum
3) I Know The Reaper
4) Oki Kumas Adventure
5) Fury
6) Overworld
7) Need For Steve
8) Edge And Pearl
9) Radio Future
10) Skin
11) Dark City
12) Rocket Dragon (radio edit)
13) Nova Prospekt
14) The Greatest Show On Earth
15) Force Feedback
16) Paparazzi

Machinae Supremacy are one of three guest acts set to play with Children Of Bodom on their ‘Ugly World Tour’, the others being Amon Amarth & Ensiferum. The UK dates run from
April 1st – 9th .


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