Madina Lake bassist attacker found not guilty of attempted murder

Many people will remember that in 2010, Madina Lake bassist Matthew Leone was in critical condition after he came to the aid of a woman who was being beaten, in the street, by her husband. The man turned on Matthew who tried to stop the beating but was then attacked and severely beaten. Matthew had a third of his skull removed as the doctor waiting for the swelling in his brain to go down as he also suffered a broken jaw, nose and fractured skull.

“The first couple of days, he couldn’t recognize me or say anything coherent, but this morning he did. And he now he’s aware and talking and moving around a little, which is wonderful. So the prognosis is getting better by the hour” commented his brother and lead vocalist Nathan Leone days after the assault. Due to not having health insurance, Matthew was allowed home and wore protective headgear until doctors could re-attach parts of his skull which happened over three weeks after the assault on the 21st July.

The Chicago Police Department had made an arrest in connection to both assaults and charged the man with beating his wife and Matthew. The individuals wife dropped her charges the next day as Nathan Leone filed additional charges including attempted first-degree murder and aggravated battery in a public place.

Almost two years on from the assault, the verdict was announced as not guilty as the band revealed on their Facebook page.

Madina LakeWe’re utterly baffled and shocked to get a Not-Guilty verdict in the Justin Pivec attempted murder case. Admittedly we’re not well versed in the justice system but today a vicious coward was given a free pass for beating his wife and almost killing my brother. This has taken a tremendous toll on all of us for 2 years and though we’re devastated .. we will continue to focus on the positive. which is that Matthew is still with us and hopefully this has spread awareness for victims of domestic violence. More later as we attempt to comprehend this.


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