Manchester Orchestra drummer quits band

Manchester Orchestra drummer Jeremiah Edmond has announced that he has left the band.

In an exclusive interview with Absolute Punk, Jeremiah and Andy Hull spoke to AP and explained in details. Read the full interview here and a snippet below:

So, tell me what’s up. I hear you are leaving the band, which is tragic because we are all going to miss you. But tell me, how did you come to this decision?

Jeremiah: Basically, there were several things building up to it. The most important one on a personal level would be that I was getting burnt out from being on tour constantly. I’ve been married for two years, and I’ve spent a majority of those two years away from home. [I’m] ready to finally build a life with my wife at home. Support her more than I have been. She would never ask me to [leave] the band and has always been supportive, but for me on a personal level, it was being ready to be home.


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