Megadeth forced to cancel Baltimore performance after three songs

Megadeth were forced to cancel their headlining performance in Baltimore yesterday evening due to the PA system at the event.

Dave Mustaine announced that the PA system “completely took a shit” during the performance and they were working as hard as they possibly could to fix it.

Dave went on to create an audio blog at TheLiveLine which has been posted as a transcript on the bands website:

“I’m calling right now from Baltimore. It’s approximately 10 minutes to midnight, and unfortunately, our show turned into an absolute disaster tonight.

We had problems with the P.A. from the beginning of the night.

I went out on stage and I had said that the P.A. was a bit inferior to what we were used to using , and after the P.A. completely took a shit, we went into the dressing room, waited another half hour to 45 minutes, used the house P.A. and went back out and started playing again. And some delirious asshole decided that it was a good idea to throw their beverage over the [mixing] console, thus ending the concert.

So, to the good people of Baltimore, I’m sorry for us having to end your night early tonight, but I can tell you honestly right now that we will be back. It’s not like we have better things to do tonight than perform for you. We love you, and we’re very sorry about this situation. And hopefully next time we’ll be able to play in like a gas station with a couple of generators and a P.A. that’ll work. [‘Cause] that piece of shit we played in tonight didnt.”

Since that audio blog it has come out that a fan was the cause of all the problems after they threw a full cup of water from the balcony and onto the bands mixing board which meant there was nothing that could be done to salvage the night.


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