Megadeth ready to call it a day?

It looks like Megadeth could be ready to call it a day and will not be returning for a new album.

In a recent interview with the only original member and founder of the band still remaining, Dave Mustaine, and also in relation to his comments to fans on the bands forum, he states that another album is owed but with the threat if he and the band do not resign for more, that Endgame will no longer be sold, it appears that he is trapped.

Having public issues with the president of Roadrunner Records and the way they operate in relation to single releases, publicity and also radio play; has only fuelled the flames between the two.

Read the official story quoted below from RockRadio:

“The president of Roadrunner came out and said this was the last record but if we didn’t re-sign with them for more records they were going to stop selling Endgame.

“I’ve always known there’s another record owed. I’m a man of my word and I’m going to fulfill my contract – rest assured, though, that I’m not going to release a compilation record or a live record for my final record with Roadrunner.

“I really wish Endgame was handled differently. I can tell you that while it’s destroying our tenure with Roadrunner, I’m not going to let this bother me any more. I’m completely prepared to work, so we’ll see where it goes now.

“I hate talking about this because it’s not fair to the other guys in the band when it suggests no job security.

“But I also face physical problems. If my neck or spine say, ‘You’re done, Dave’, then I’m done. I love my relationship with a lot of the people I’m working with. I know it seems selfish sometimes to say I’m going to stop. But if the body or the hands say that’s it, well, that’s it.

“If I’m meant to suffer another blow to my ego, my pride, my legacy and so on, in order to be a better person and closer to God – then I will soldier on and complete my time with grace and honour.”

Going into detail, Mustaine criticises Roadrunner’s attitude to single releases, radio play and publicity: “We have no radio presence. My own hometown plays nothing from Megadeth – but they sure do play my last band [Metallica] every hour.

“All I’ve been able to do in the past was have a number-one single, five top five singles, many top ten, dozens of top 40… yet we can’t get anything played from this new record. I would say the radio person at Roadrunner has a very different approach to radio than I do.

“This year we’ve given away two songs and we’re already on the third. I had to actually call up the guy and ask him for interviews, to which he said, ‘I didn’t know you wanted to do interviews.'”


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