Metallica announced the end of the Death Magnetic tour

Metallica have released a statement on their website “The end of the line…” which had alarmed fans who failed to read the small post description. No it isn’t the end of the line for Metallica, it is the end of the Death Magnetic world tour. With the album released in 2008 and the constant touring, it can only be expected that the band will likely they will take a break for a year or two to spend with family and friends which they did after ‘St. Anger’.

Dear Friends:
We are so psyched to add a second show in Christchurch, New Zealand at CBS Canterbury Arena on September 21…thanks again for demanding that we visit you there!!

Now to the real reason we’re here taking up space on this site…we also want to announce that all of our play dates have now filled up with the addition of this show…that’s right boys and girls, this will be the last date added to the World Magnetic Tour! So if you’re waiting for us to come to the Polar Ice Caps, your undiscovered planet or even your basement, sorry, this is as good at it gets.

It has been a very long, and most amazing run. The number of shows played depends on when you start counting. We are gonna go with what the boys in the band say, ‘cuz they have been out on the road more or less continuously since May of 2008 and that brings us up to a total of 212 shows in 153 cities. Each and every one of them has been memorable and special and we thank you for that. This is where we could spew a bunch of crazy numbers at you…you know the 2.3 million tickets sold, 300 million miles traveled, 3,000 pounds of bacon consumed “shtick,” but you don’t care about that stuff and frankly neither do we. What we DO care about is letting you know the immense gratitude we feel for all of your love and support over these past two and half years. When we embarked on this “magnetic” journey, none of us ever, in our wildest dreams, imagined how truly incredible it would be and it’s all because of hanging out with YOU!

It’s obviously not over just yet, so let’s not get too sappy here…we’re off to Australia, New Zealand and Japan in the Fall for what promises to be some of the loudest, craziest, most rocking shows!

For the bands final dates, be sure to check out their tour page.


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