Metallica live music for free and sale

Metallica are now offering every live song that they have recorded since 2004 on their website for you to purchase, with 1982 to 2003 all being free downloads.

I am not sure the exact amount of shows for purchase, but I believe from other stories, roughly 260 with many many more to come.

Metallica are offering song-by-song MP3 downloads or you can download full show albums in MP3 format or FLAC.

Pricing starts at $0.99 a song (MP3), with MP3 show downloads costing you $9.95 and FLAC coming in at $12.95.

This could be something special for those who were able to attend any of the concerts listed and you download your favourite songs or the full show to remember it.

For those of us who are fans, but may not want to start buying right now, 20 shows and 1 song are free for download.

Taking a rough calculation, I believe we are looking at 28 hours of free live Metallica music.

If you wish to purchase or simply download the free tracks the band are kindly offering, head to now!


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