Metallica to go old school in New Zealand

Bands like Metallica always come equipped with a massive production for their shows to make sure fans get a little piece of everything but what happens when the venue can’t handle your production? Go old school.

What is now being mentioned as a one of a kind special night with Metallica on 22nd September at the CBS Canterbury Arena in Christchurch, New Zealand, the band will take to the stage and perform an old fashioned club style gig.

our production team scoped it out over the last couple of weeks and no matter how hard we tried to re-configure it, the bottom line is the CBS Canterbury Arena is just not equipped to handle the in the round “Death Magnetic” show that we’ve been carting around the world on this tour. That’s not going to stop us, but we wanted to let you know that we will not be able to bring the full set up that you may have seen in photos on the site or will see if you happen to hit another show in New Zealand or Australia. It’s gonna be us and YOU old-school “club style” in an arena making a whole lot of noise together, and that’s what counts.


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One Response to “Metallica to go old school in New Zealand”

  1. Not old school enough, unless they plan to revive the corpse of Cliff Burton and play nothing but songs written before 1991. Guess I’m just “old school” like that!