Moby forms metal band

It will come as a shock to read the words that household ambient electronica dance music musician Moby is now involved in a metal band as the groups lead guitarist but what you didn’t also know was that in his early days, he was a member of a hardcore punk band called Vatican Commandos. He also went on to play with AWOL before being a member of Ultra Vivid Scene, an alternative rock band from New York.

But yes, Moby is back to his early day rock with a new project titled ‘Diamondsnake’ who formed in January.

You can listen to live recordings of the band below and read their full bio.

Combining such disparate influences as rock, hard rock, metal, and heavy metal, New York City’s Diamondsnake was borne out of a shared love for entering a small, dark, and musty room, plugging into a few amps, and playing as loud as possible for a seriously long time.

The Diamondsnake story begins in January 2010, when international music person Moby called up his friend Phil Costello, perhaps best known as the frontman for Bee Gees metal tribute band Tragedy and the guitar player for the hard rock band Satanicide, and asked him what he was up to. Phil told Moby he was in the process of finishing a sandwich. Moby then clarified that he was wondering what Phil was up to in a more general sense and- without waiting for an answer- asked Phil if he wanted to write a few songs together. If history has taught us anything, Phil said yes and- before long- the two had compiled rough demos for almost two dozen anthems from the future.

To assist them in bringing their aural vision to life with suitable thunder, Moby and Phil then enlisted Tomato from the rock band the Sound of Urchin to pummel the drums and Dave Hill, a world-class entertainer with whom Phil also plays in the rock band Valley Lodge, to trade off with Moby on bass and guitar as the oracle dictates.

In April of 2010, the men of Diamondsnake entered Headgear studios in Brooklyn early one morning and emerged later that night having recorded and mixed 15 songs in their entirety with esteemed and bearded engineer Scott Norton, stopping only briefly to eat some vegan Chinese food that they all agreed was pretty good. From the molten riffage of “We Wanna Love You” to the relentless pop attack of “What the World Needs Now is Rock,” from the crushing lament of “Wrong Woman to Love” to the heartrending majesty of “Lady of the Morning” and beyond, the men of Diamondsnake somehow managed to address every topic and emotion worthy of honoring through song. Love, lust, good women, bad women, the power of rock, and predatory sea creatures- they are all here, celebrated in words and music by Diamondsnake.

Their anthems finally documented on hard drive and cassette, Diamondsnake is now setting their steely gaze on bringing their rock assault to the stage. Strategic battles will be waged in the city of Los Angeles and the city of New York City in June of 2010. Further public displays of rock will follow at the behest of the seers. Cancel everything.


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