Murderdolls release studio blogs

Murderdolls have released three studio blogs and are planning many more as they keep fans in the loop for their upcoming album ‘Women And Children Last’.

Blog 1:

..Hello Ghoulscouts!!!

Its Joey and Wednesday here! Coming at ya from high up in the Hollywood Hills, tracking our new album Women and Children Last. We’ve just completed all the drum tracks but one, and then its off to guitar and bass. This album is gonna make your faces cave in, we promise. You will die, like actually stop living after you hear thisR30;hahahaha. We are starting to get cabin fever up here because we have been tracking day and night and never leaving. We cant wait till you sick fuckers out there can hear it. We’re coming for your daughter Chuck!!!! Till next time.

Joey and Wednesday

Blog 2:

Hello out there world!!!

Joey and Wednesday here back for studio report #2. We began tracking guitars and bass yesterday and this fucker sounds monstrous. We’ve also included some new pics from our late friday night studio adventures. Once we are done with guitars and bass its on to the fun stuff, vocals and adding the sweet sauce and spices!! Its much like the Col. Sanders secret recipe, we cant tell you what it is.. but its finger licking good.

Till next time,
Joey and Wednesday

Blog 3:

Hello out there gang!!! Joey and Wednesday here, with an update, and some pics from the studio saturday night. We are still tracking guitars and bass and we are knocking em out one by one now. This new album is so far beyond anything we imagined, it has such a variety of styles and sounds from the first, but its still capturing every ounce of snot and sleaze that we are all about.

The band are hoping to upload a video for fans next week so stay tuned for updates.


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