Murderdolls to release CD/DVD special edition of new album

On August 30th Murderdolls will release their new album ‘Women And Children Last’. As well as the digital and standard CD editions, the band will also release a Special Edition of the CD, which will come with 3 bonus tracks and a DVD full of live footage shot at their recent Key Club show on Los Angeles.

The track listing for the Special Edition is confirmed as follows and is already available for pre-order this location.

1. The World According To Revenge
2. Chapel Of Blood
3. Bored ‘Til Death
4. Drug Me To Hell
5. Nowhere
6. Summertime Suicide
7. Death Valley Superstars
8. My Dark Place Alone
9. Blood Stained Valentine
10. Pieces Of You
11. Homicide Drive
12. Rock N Roll Is All I Got
13. Nothing’s Gonna Be Alright
14. Whatever You Got, I’m Against It
15. Hello, Goodbye, Die

Plus 3 extra audio tracks:
16. Motherfucker See, Motherfucker Do
17. The Funeral Ball
18. A Moment Of Violence

The live performance bonus DVD will feature the following tracks:
1. Chapel of Blood (video, live at The Key Club, LA)
2. Twist My Sister (video, live at The Key Club, LA)
3. My Dark Place Alone (video, live at The Key Club, LA)
4. She Was A Teenage Zombie (video, live at The Key Club, LA)
5. Die My Bride (video, live at The Key Club, LA)
6. Dead in Hollywood (video, live at The Key Club, LA)


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