Myles Kennedy talks Alter Bridge III and UK connection

Myles Kennedy took some time to talk to Music Radar and during the interview he covered topics from the new Alter Bridge album to working with Slash and also the bands connection with the UK. Myles also revealed three working titles for songs which the band overall like and could be final titles: ‘Show Me A Sign’, ‘Isolation’ and ‘Ghosts Of Days Gone By’.
Read the interview here with excerpts below.

Myles on the new Alter Bridge album:

You’ve mentioned previously that this is a darker album than the previous two, are you moving into a more progressive territory too?

“Darker from a lyrical standpoint most definitely. Musically, there are definitely moments that have that intensity and have that darkness to it. We try to balance that with the other side of the band, which is that uplifting anthemic vibe.

“Personally I don’t think it’s a good idea to alienate those fans that like either one side or the other. You want to try your best to make both parties happy. Lyrically it’s pretty dark on a lot of the record – it’s not like it’s mopey, whinny music though. We definitely try to add a sense of dynamics.”

Are the themes quite personal on this album for you?

“I guess it is a pretty personal record in some regard. For me personally, over the last few years a lot of things came up – things I started questioning. It deals with a lot of doubts. Doubts in life and all that comes along with it. If you make records personal in that way, it always seems to have a sort of cathartic quality… it’s not necessarily the goal it just ends up happening. You work through some things.”

UK connection:

The band’s always had such a strong connection with the UK – do fans over here get what you’re about more than anywhere else? Is there a stronger connection than anywhere else?

“Yes definitely – it’s been that way since we first went there six years ago. It’s funny because as an artist you play all these different places and you think, people are people so they’re going to react in the same way you’d assume. We’re all human beings.

But I think a lot of it has to do with what each culture has listened to throughout their lives – rock n’ roll has been such a mainstay of the culture in the UK and you guys did it better initially. Even though a lot of the blues-based – the Delta and Chicago – music was what those bands in the 1960s were trying to emulate, it worked out extremely well.

It wrote the blueprint for rock and we’re still following that today. People in the UK just get it, they always have and so we’ll continue to go there.”


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