Myles Kennedy will not be joining Velvet Revolver

For some time we have been waiting on the word of who will join Velvet Revolver and front the band after Scott Weiland left the band. After the announcement that Myles Kennedy would front Slash’s solo band on tour, many fans hoped this would lead to Myles joining Velvet Revolver. Some may already know that Myles did audition for Velvet Revolver back in 2002 but he wasn’t accepted and he later went on to form Alter Bridge with the members of Creed.

The confirmation that Myles will not be joining the band came in a recent interview with Spinner who had asked about the situation of Velvet Revolver: “but I can’t get him into Velvet Revolver.”
Instead Slash is now looking for an experienced unknown name to that of a worldwide star to kick start his band.

What is the state of play with Velvet Revolver?

We’ve been quietly sifting through demos that have been submitted by singers and we’re trying to find the ultimate guy. It’s still very much in the works. I’ll probably sit down and look seriously at it next year and see what we’ve got so far. But in the meantime I’ve been doing this and it’s going really well and I’ve also been touring with Jane’s Addiction.

How about some of the singers on your solo album? Ian Astbury would be good for Velvet Revolver.

It’s hard to take someone with a recognisable voice and insert it into a group and to try to make him sound like the original artist. We tried to replace Scott with some singers but they sounded too much like the band they were from. I’d rather find somebody who’s experienced with a local band and not world-known.

Interestingly enough, that’s how Myles Kennedy came to work for me. His name had been bandied around a lot and when I was looking for someone to sing these two songs that I had, his name came to mind. I’d never met him before; I didn’t know anything about him and I just took a chance on it. I sent him a demo and he sent back a vocal that was just phenomenal but I can’t get him into Velvet Revolver. But he’s a really cool discovery.


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