New Mudvayne video banned

Mudvayne have become the latest band to stir up a little controversy with their latest music video.

The video for Beautiful and Strange, the second in a series of three videos that was filmed in order to promote the band’s latest self-titled album.

Networks are unwilling to air the video due to disturbing and thought provoking imagery which should only be seen by a mature audience. Scenes such as sex taking place within a graveyard and acts of sadism are causing a refusal to play the video but it flows as part of a story with the video for Scream With Me and the third which is yet to be released.

Vampire Freaks are the only website that appear to be willing to host the video and not remove it from viewing so expect YouTube videos to be taken offline soon with the ban.


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One Response to “New Mudvayne video banned”

  1. Thank you so much. I happened to catch this video a while back on YouTube ,and had was bragging how awesome it was but I couldn’t remember the song for nothing, and wanted to show to my friends. And was really pissed i wasn’t finding it, till now , thanks to you. it figures they would ban something that is is no more thought provoking than any thing else that is televised. N-Eways thanks again you rock. :)