Nightrage release Insidious track by track part two

On September 26th (and a day later in the US) Nightrage are going to release their fifth album “Insidious”, time to have the band to talk more in depth about the tracks on the album.

Here you can read part two by guitarist and mastermind Marios Iliopoulos and part one here.

“Sham Piety” – “Sham is actually the second song that Antony and I composed along with Olof. It’s a bit different and has an eerie feeling over all. One of the riffs comes from the first times of Nightrage, and it fit very well with the rest of this song. We blended some nice acoustic passages with brutal vocals, and also Tomas Lindberg makes a cool guest vocal appearance.”

“Cloaked In Wolf Skin” – “This one hits you like a roller coaster! It’s pure thrash with some death metal styles of riffing. Fast and straight forward. We wanted to create a very live fast song with cool guitar harmonies. The verse riff is totally old bay area thrash, and Jo’s drumming made this amazing. The chorus melodies help keep a good pace and the balance between melody and aggression.”

“This world is coming to an end” – “Very mid tempo kind of song with a fast verse and an emotional chorus. We had the luxury to have here again two amazing singers doing their thing. Apollo and Tomas make the last chorus together, and it is a great finale for the song.”

“Utmost end of pain” – “Very sad sounding guitar melodies at the beginning of the song, it leads into a fast and melodic verse. It’s a very different song for us again. Lots of heavy riffs and pounding drums. The chorus comes off very melodic and blends well with the overall melodic touch. Nice solos from Olof and myself with some cool chord progressions. I love how the vocals give you that strange feeling of desperation and anger, and at the same time, gives some glimpse of hope.”


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