Nikki Sixx (Serafino) charged with second-degree murder

The Surrey Leader is reporting that ‘Nikki Sixx‘ Serafino has been charged with second-degree murder of a Surrey man who was shot and killed 11 months ago.

Though this Nikki Sixx is not the Motley Crue bassist, it is in fact an obsessed fan that legally changed his name to Nikki Sixx Serafino from the plain Jeffery Alan Smith.

Jeffery was arrested in connection with the murder of 33 year old Damon Michael Martin on Friday.

It was the morning of May 12, 2009, around 8:45 a.m., when Martin was shot in the stomach while inside a house in the Panorama Ridge area of Surrey.

Martin stumbled out of the house, attempting to flee. He got as far as Highway 10 at 132 Street, when he collapsed to the roadside.

A passer-by called 911, believing Martin had been run over.

When police arrived they saw that Martin had been a victim of a shooting, not a hit-and-run.

Air ambulance landed on the busy roadway and rushed Martin to hospital but he died of his injuries a few hours later.

“It was an extensive investigation that led to Mr. Serafino’s arrest,” said Integrated Homicide Investigation Team’s spokesperson Cpl. Dale Carr.


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One Response to “Nikki Sixx (Serafino) charged with second-degree murder”

  1. I can”t believe that he is only getting second degree. When he walked into that house he intended to shoot my brother. When someone is shot close range thats intentional.
    Everyone knows how Canada’s court system work, he will do probably 2 years with good behaviour and my brother will still remain dead.
    I still ask where was the woman he was living with…she happen to leave the house just before he was shot…my brother and this Jeffery did not even know each other…sounds fishy to me.