NOFX to release Thalidomide Child EP, their first ever EP recorded in 1984

In a new interview with, Fat Mike has announced that NOFX will release their first ever EP that they recorded in 1984. The EP, titled ‘Thalidomide Child EP’, was never released due to how terrible it sounds but now, because of how funny it will be, the band are planning to release it this year. Let’s talk about the middle aged punkers with jobs you just described. Punk is still sort of thought of as a young people’s music and yet you’re a perfect example that it doesn’t have to be. Is that even an issue for you anymore or do people accept NOFX as exactly what they are?
Mike: Yeah. Our crowds are older. Kids still like us but I don’t think people have to defend themselves for liking NOFX. I mean, half the kids that listen to us don’t even understand our lyrics probably. I mean, I did graduate college. I’m not writing fucking lyrics that the Red Hot Chilli Peppers would write. I’ve always thought we’ve written music for adults. Not when I was 16. You know what’s coming out later this year, which should be interesting, is we’re going to release our first EP that was never released. Wow, can you tell me a little more about that?
Mike: NOFX have an eight-song seven-inch that was so bad we decided not to release it. Why release it now?
Mike: Because it’s funny now. It’s bad musically. Fucking terrible. What’s it called?
Mike: It’s called the Thalidomide Child EP. I’m not sure when it will be out but it will be out. I think it’s going to come in a seven-inch box set but we’ll see. I found it at Fat Wreck Chords. I found the original quarter inch tape. We transferred it to DAT and they were like “holy shit, this is terrible.” I go “I know, that’s why we never released it because it’s terrible.” And everyone at Fat Wreck Chords goes “Come on, we’ve gotta release it.” So it’s going to be an eight-song seven-inch and only one of the songs has ever been heard before. You’ll hear. It’s pretty fucking terrible. It’s cool, it was recorded in 1984, so it’s kind of cool. It’ll come out sometime this year.


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