Norwegian St. Satan To Record, Print & Release Album All In One Day

St Satan from Bergen, Norway, have announced that on February 6th they will record, mix, master, print and upload their album “Horns for Adornment”.

The release party will be held the very same evening at Garage, Bergen, Norway.

From the press release:

St Satan is a hard rock band from Bergen, Norway. It counts present and former members from Borknagard, The Batallion, Slut Machine, The Swamp Babies, Jazkamer, Krøyt, Lost at Last ++.

There’s too many uninteresting metalbands these days, using the same boring recording method: putting instrument on instrument, to the beat of a computerprocessor, making each note perfectly in time, until every bit of balls and guts have been taken out of the music. St Satan wants to capture the raw sound of a band playing together, in a room, at the same time, as simple as that.

The album will be recorded at Duper Studios, by Jørgen “Duperman” Træen. Duperman han worked on the finest albums by bands like Emperor and Enslaved, international hipsters Datarock and several of the biggest selling artists in Norway. He immediately loved the idea, and insisted the album should be recorded directly on tape, old school style.

A lot of bands are whining about losing sales due to illegal filesharing and downloading. Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, if someone wants your album for free, they will find it. By recording “Horns for Adornment” in one day, most of the cost of recording will be covered by the ticket sales at the release party. And it will of course be available for both paid and free download.

Even if the recording is old school, the band loves technology and will be updating their fans during the recording process via their pages on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Qik.

St Satan by St. Satan

The band:

Trond “Abs” Absalonsen: Vocals (The Swamp Babies/Slut Macine)
Thomas “Thomaster” Dahl: Guitar (Krøyt, Skomsork, Marion Raven)
Kai K Lie: Bass (The Batallion, Ex-Borknagard)
Tarjei A Heggernes: Guitar (Lost at Last)
Nils A Drønen: Drums (Jazkamer, Der Brief, Trio Gud)


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