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Moneyline Odds.

(Also known as American)
Used by many US bookmakers.
Based on a single wager with no points spread.
In case the moneyline is favorable, the amount quoted is the amount that would win on a $100 wager.
In case the moneyline is negative, the amount quoted is what you’d need to risk to win $100.
Fractional Odds. (Also known as British or Traditional )
Used by UK. bookmakers.
Dependent on the total amount of gain if you’re winning.
For example, if you bet $100 at chances of 3/1, you receive $300 profit if you win, plus your bet of $100 back.
Decimal Odds. (Also known as European)
Used by European bookmakers.
You will get if you win, including the return of your bet.
For instance, if you bet $100 at odds of 3.75, you’ll receive $375 in complete if you win.

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