Of Mice & Men announce new singer

Last week Of Mice �38; Men parted ways with singer Austin Carlile, allowing him to keep a straight 100% record on being let go from the two bands he has fronted.

In 2008 he was fired from Attack Attack! due to personal differences but a Twitter post from Attack Attack! show that there is still some bad feelings.

Attack Attack! Tweet

Now due to issues that prevent Austin from dedicating to touring full time, the band decided it was in their best interest to part ways with him and bring in Jerry Roush as the new full time vocalist.

Through much deliberation the band and Austin have decided to part ways. Austin has some issues that prevent him from being able to meet the high demands of touring full time. Our good friend Jerry (ex-sky eats airplane) who has been filling in for him on this last tour will continue as our permanent vocalist. This will not slow us down, as many of you have seen on the last tour, we are still in full force and haven’t missed a step. we will be seeing everyone at bamboozle in new jersey! Thank you all for your support, we can’t wait to see you all soon!


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One Response to “Of Mice & Men announce new singer”

  1. ok i got sumthing to say jerry is a douche and austin is a better singer and screamer than jerry will eva be. jerry was a huge dick and jus a hard headed prick that thought he was better than Austin…but Austin is back and jerry is haven his mom pay his bills for him again