Oh Sleeper announce release date for Children Of Fire

Ft. Worth’s fervent heavy rock band Oh, Sleeper has announced the release of their highly anticipated third studio album, Children of Fire, on September 27 via Solid State Records. The band has premiered a new song, “Endseekers,” which you can listen to below:

Produced by Andreas Magnusson (Black Dahlia Murder, Haste The Day) and mixed by Machine (Lamb of God, Chiodos), Children of Fire features twelve blistering tracks that reign down on listeners like the wrath of God itself. Powerful songs like “Shed Your Soul,” “Hush Yael,” “Claws of A God” and “Children of Fire” are intertwined with heartfelt ballads like “The Conscience Speaks” and “Means To Believe” creating a well-balanced album that’s aggressive yet completely accessible.

“With every record we try to push the limits of what we can do with our sound,” says guitarist James Erwin. “This record is an expansion of our sound and the best incarnation of the band to date. Also this is the most in depth we ever taken a concept record. Instead of 12 different stories that tie together around one theme, this album is one complete story where every track acts as a chapter in that story. Listeners will really have to grasp every part of the story to understand it fully.”

“Children of Fire is being established as a flag to rally under,” says vocalist Kinard. “The name, to us, represents a generation born into a time that forced them to band together, stand firm in their beliefs against modern ideology and skepticism, and prevail as a victorious few, holding true to the beliefs held deep in their hearts. Children of Fire is a title that means nothing less than unshakeable and end-seeking determination. The character represented throughout the album endures a perilous journey testing any and all weaknesses she possesses. It isn’t until the end, when she has faced every fear and answered every question planted deep in her mind that she emerges a beaten, battered, and bloody, but victorious, child of fire.”

Kinard and guitarist / vocalist Shane Blay (ex-Between The Buried & Me) offer the most potent scream / sing combinations put to record since the most classic releases from Thrice, Glassjaw and Underoath. Expertly executed musicianship in the drums, guitar and bass department are all over the album. Children of Fire offers hope through an exploration of apocalyptic themes and the ongoing struggle of good vs. evil.

“When we started talking about this record before it was written we all kept coming back to the fact that we want this record to just be punishing,” Erwin adds. “That word “punishing” just kept coming up, I think we’ve accomplished that. Also, the musicianship and vocal performances have never been stronger. Lots of techy stuff for the guitar and drum nerds. Micah and Shane both took their vocals to the next level. I think fans are gonna be blown away at what they’ve done vocally.”

Oh, Sleeper has built a dedicated international fanbase on tours with Bring Me The Horizon, Underoath, Every Time I Die, Demon Hunter, Silverstein, Finch and more. Their “broken pentagram” symbol has become synonymous with breaking from societal norms, uplifting spirits and merging melody with might.

Children of Fire Track Listing:
1. Endseekers
2. Shed Your Soul
3. The Marriage of Steel and Skin
4. Hush Yael
5. The Conscience Speaks
6. Dealers of Fame
7. Means To Believe
8. In The Wake of Pigs
9. Claws of a God
10. The Family Ruin
11. Chewing The Stitch
12. Children of Fire

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