Opeth vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt in car accident

Yesterday evening Opeth were set to perform with Mastodon and Ghost at The Myth in Maplewood, Minnesota but their set was cancelled due to Opeth vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt being in a car accident.

One fan reports that Mastodon’s tour manager came on stage and announced that Mikael had been rushed to hospital after being in a car accident and the band would no longer be performing. As a result, Ghost and Mastodon both played extended sets.

No official report from the band has been released but we will update you when it does.

We wish Mikael a speedy recovery from his injuries.


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One Response to “Opeth vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt in car accident”

  1. this is NOT true. Mike cracked his head walking off the tour bus before their set, and went to the hospital for stitches. mastodon’s tour manager DID NOT say ANYTHING about a ‘car accident’, he said ‘unfortunate accident’.