Ozzy fired Zakk as he was drinking?

The playground fight between Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde continues as one looks to best the other with a reason as to the line-up change for Ozzy’s solo work. As we all know, Zakk was replaced as the main guitarist for Ozzy’s solo album ‘Scream’ by Gus G but it grew into a much bigger issue when Zakk announced that he found out he had been fired by reading the news rather than being told directly.

Originally Sharon Osbourne had fired Zakk for a number of reasons which she did so on her own accord but then Ozzy stated he had to let him go because his music was starting to sound like that of Black Label Society and he didn’t want that. Ozzy then stated he was never fired and he had nothing to do with it.

The carousel continues to spin with the most recent news to come out that Zakk was still heavily drinking at the time and Ozzy couldn’t be around him. Speaking to Guitar World, Ozzy stated:

“Zakk came in at the beginning of the new one, but he was still drinking. When you’re drunk and somebody else is drinking, it’s okay, but when you’re sober and somebody’s blabbering away in your ear, it ain’t.”

“I mean, Zakk’s a great player and I love him. I love his playing. But in the end, it came to the point that I had to get another guitarist. Not because I fell out with Zakk, but it was hard for me to be around someone who is actively drinking. I heard he’s not drinking anymore. I don’t know if that’s true or not.”

A few months ago Zakk did make mention in a video that he has stopped drinking under the order of his doctor due to a pancreatic problem that has resulted in him needing medication that will react with alcohol. I’m sure though Zakk will have a return to this statement which we can expect in the next few days but this of course adds yet another reason to the list of why he fired him.


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