Ozzy wants to form a mini-supergroup with a bluesy vibe

Ozzy Osbourne has stated that he is considering putting together a mini super group with the aim to try different styles of music but naturally is aware that if he does, he will receive a massive backlash from fans.

Contact Music report that Ozzy states, “Being Ozzy Osbourne is great. I mean, it’s been wonderful being the singer of Black Sabbath. Having all those hits through Sabbath and then on my solo career is one thing, but then if I want to do anything branching away from the heavy stuff, people will go, ‘Oh, he’s sold out. Oh, he’s not doing it. Oh, he’s singing a love song. Oh, he’s singing about the…’ or whatever.

“I would like to form a fictitious band just to make a different record, but it’s the time it would take… I mean, it takes me all my time just to do an Ozzy record. But I would dearly like to get a mini-supergroup together. Nothing like heavy rock, like a bluesy vibe.”


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