Pat Lundy reveals how he joined Funeral For A Friend

Pat Lundy has revealed to NME how he joined Funeral For A Friend. The former Rise To Remain drummer comments: “I got a call five weeks ago from Richard [Boucher, Funeral For A Friend bassist] and he let me know that, although they’d originally said they were looking for a touring replacement, they were now looking for a full-time member and would I be interested? I jumped out of bed, started learning the songs and seven days later I was in Cardiff auditioning. I know they saw a couple of other drummers, but after I did my audition, they had a bit of a meeting and came to see me and all gave me a hug and told me I’d got the job.”

As former drummer Ryan Richards provided screaming vocals to the band’s music, Lundy commented that they are in the process of working out who will now handle that duty but he could definitely have a hand in it and do it himself.


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