Pigeon Toe stream new song The First Perception

Pigeon Toe are streaming the title track from their upcoming album ‘The First Perception’ which is set for a release on the 30th April via Lifeforce Records.

The idea of founding a new project, besides their bands Fear My Thoughts, Backslide and Mongouse, already existed in the minds of the two brothers Marsn and Hanson Fischer since 2008. After the split of Mongouse they put even more focus on it and chose “Pigeon Toe” as a working title. With some rough song ideas Fear My Thoughts bandmate Norman Lonhard (now Triptykon) was asked to join as their drummer. Soon after Ben Krahl (Final Kings) joined on bass and after Fear my Thoughts split up, Patrick Hagman joined Pigeon Toe on third Guitar and synths.

Track listing:
1. The First Perception
2. The Chase
3. Sneak
4. The Cave
5. The Man With The Cat
6. A Broken Man
7. Second Try
8. The Crooked Path
9. The Wizard Part 1
10. The Wizard Part 2
11. The Flashback

Pigeon Toe The First Perception Artwork


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