Power Quest comments on the London riots

Power Quest only original member and keyboardist Steve Williams has published the following comments regarding the riots which are taking place in London.

“Is this what we call being Civilised?”

Watching the recent events unfolding in London and elsewhere in the country has compelled me to put my thoughts down on paper. I cannot believe that in the 21st century, and in a supposedly civilised society, we are witnessing such disgraceful and shameful acts of criminal damage, violence, theft and intimidation. I was listening to the BBC coverage into the small hours this morning and was appalled, not only by the perpetrators themselves, but also by those who were just standing by and watching and generally getting in the way of police and other emergency services who were just trying to do their job and deal with what was, and still is, a horrific situation.

There is no justification for stealing someone elses possessions or trashing their property that they have worked so hard for over the years. Running amok and wearing masks is not only disorderly but cowardly as well. If violence is your belief system then at least have the courage to show your face!

Moreover I even saw, on one live broadcast from Croydon, people laughing and joking in the background while the reporter told us of homes being destroyed and businesses being razed to the ground. It just beggars belief in my humble opinion.

I would like to say that my thoughts and those of Paul, Andy, Rich, Gav and Chity are very much with those affected by these shameful acts and I hope that we don’t see the violence spreading further across our country although, sadly, it seems that this has already happened. The vast majority of UK residents are peaceful, decent people and between us we will never let hooligans and thugs dictate to the rest of us.

“If you listen to fools…..the Mob Rules”.

Stay safe everyone!

Steve Williams 9/8/11?


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