Primordial front man comments on instant voice loss mystery at Bloodstock

Alan Nemtheanga comments on the strange occurrence a third of the way through Primordial’s set on Sunday at Bloodstock 2011 when his voice instantly went from full roar to nothing. Although trying valiantly through the rest of the show he was unable to sing. Primordial managed to finish up with the help of a lively crowd participation singing along to all remaining numbers:

“Firstly I have to thank everyone for their support and dedication during a very difficult show at Bloodstock on Sunday, we were all deeply humbled by everyone’s response and hearing your voices loud and clear singing our own songs back to us was moving.

The simple fact is from one line to the next my voice completely disappeared. From feeling perfectly normal within seconds I could not even whisper. This has never happened to me before in my twenty years of singing. Slowly my voice came back and if we had another hour left I would have been able to sing again. It seems to have either been an allergic reaction to something I ate or drank that morning mixed with a complete dehydration of the vocal chords.

Sitting here typing this I am more or less back to normal. I can only rationalise it that it happens to the best of us and the law of averages states eventually it was going to happen if you play enough shows, this doesn’t help the fact that I was and am still gutted we could not give 100% because before it happened the show was shaping up to be incredible…we could all feel the energy and electricity. I can only humbly apologise and hope that we can come back very soon to make it up to all of you, I am only human and unfortunately also are my vocal chords. This all said we have to thank you all for your understanding, dedication and support as we were all moved by this and also immense thanks to the staff and crew of Bloodstock who really showed their worth and understanding. Much respect to all of you…and hopefully I can chalk this one down to experience.”

Primordial, who were voted Best Underground Band at Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods Awards 2011 play Dublin at The Academy on September 24, 2011. They’ll be joined by German metal outfit Desaster and Solstice.


September 2011
24th (IRE) Dublin – Academy (+ Desaster, Solstice)

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